Cold Weather Essentials

OH2x is here to present to you what everyone should have in their closet to prepare for the cold weather. We kept an open mind when choosing pieces for each category, so that they can be styled by any wardrobe. We will start with the most outer pieces and work our way from there.
Any leather jacket can be dressed up or down, but none quite as seamlessly as a black one with a straight collar and zip up. But if you want to stand out and want more of a modern vintage look you could invest in a biker one could also be a great investment. For designers leather even cheap ones hover at a price of 1000$. But at OH2x you can find a wide for a fraction of that. All of our leather are vegan and will not make a dent in your wallet but will make you look great.
As much as we love hoodies they are just not for every occasion. A sweater on the other hand we cannot think of a situation where it cannot be worn. It is a piece of clothing that dates back to forever. If you don't have a sweater in your closet we’re not sure what you are doing and you need to pick one up right now. Even if you do we have a great selection of sweaters for this season right now
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Sherpa Jacket
The sherpa jacket is one of those pieces that you can start getting excited about now. It's a fuzzy jacket what’s not to love, the physical look of it adds a lot of elements to your outfit. A full sherpa jacket feels like a fleece has the full comfort of a sweater, but the functionality of a jacket. If you want a comfy piece you can wear all through the next two season we highly advise you pick one up.
We’ve talked alot about actual clothes. Now it’s time for an essential pattern: plaid. It’s a pattern that is neutral enough that it can be a good fit for anyone. Plaid is a year round thing, but we think it especially looks good in Fall. All the plaid we carry have a very tonal look for those who don’t want to be too bold and we have variations for plaid for tons of the essentials above. Plaid just adds that extra element to your outfit if it feels too boring.
Turtlenecks & Mocknecks
If you live in an extremely windy area you will know the sharp pain of the wind hitting your neck. A turtleneck is an amazing inner piece that can protect you from the weather. Okay we need to admit that turtlenecks are not for everyone. A turtleneck is a pretty serious and sophisticated move and if you’re style is the opposite of all that, the whole thing can feel a little wrong. Luckily, we also have a few mock necks that can be a great alternative. They have nearly the same functionality turtleneck, but also look good more casually.
No wardrobe is complete without a puffer jacket. This has been a modern staple for long time. However, in recent years it has expanded to just a boring black puffer from North Face. OH2x boasts a wide variety of patterns and lengths 
A clean fitting men's topcoat will provide protection from the elements. Having the right overcoat will give you a swervy looking and flattering appeal. An overcoat allows you to be really simple, yet still out-dress everyone. You'll feel capable, but still in control with it on any fit. And yes, while it's always wise to invest in a truly great coat. We have great options whether you want a single breasted or double breasted. We guarantee one of our overcoats will fit your style if you do not already own one.
Blazers are a piece that have really made their way into streetwear and is no longer just for suits. A well structured blazer is perfect for the days where overcoats are a bit excessive. They add a timeless look blended into modern trends.
Knit Cardigan
A cozy cardigan works perfectly as a secondary layering pieces that can be worn indoors or outdoors. It works as a great alternative to a sweater or hoodie that will keep you warm. Whether you just want a plain cardigan or something textured we have we’ve got you covered